Every skill and technique requires time and practice

Without mistakes, there are no lessions. Without lessions, there is no progress. Without progress, there is no achievement. There is no job that can be properly learned and done in two days. Whether it's nails, hair, face treatments or something else. Every skill and technique requires certain time and practice to be mastered. This is

100 free microblading trainings for the victims of domestic violence

Microblading Academy Branko Babić and the city of Belgrade signed a cooperation agreement today by which the Academy donates 100 free microblading trainings. The trainings were donated to female citizens of Belgrade that were the victims of domestic violence. In addition to trainings, the Academy provided 100 starter kits and 100 tablets, so that the

Block Tonic in PhiShops soon

It's my great pleasure to inform you that we are slowly completing a new formulation from PhiAcademy. It's a multifunctional tonic created to suit the needs of microblading and PMU artists. The basic function of the tonic is to slow down bleeding and thus prevent big scabs from forming even when the client does not

Manual shading technique

Dear students of the PhiBrows Academy, it is our pleasure to share with You that Manual shading education is available now! Manual shading is technique done manually and includes combination of two techniques: microblading & shading. The education includes starter kit which contains all required working material. The educations are about to start in January,

New video about pigments

All pigments that a professional needs : - Sunset - Warm Effect - Arabian Night This video shows a brief instruction on mixing and choosing pigments. In this video you have all about: - Differences of synthetic and organic pigments - How to use sunset, warm and arabian night to get all different shades of

Phi Giving Day

Christmas holidays are approaching and children are looking forward to them. Unfortunately, as you know, there are children who do not get enough attention due to objective circumstances and reasons. That’s why we’re here – to share our mutual success with them. I invite the entire Community to mark Phi Giving Day during the Christmas

Phi Wipes in Phishop

Phi Wipes are multi functional wipes. They are used for: 1. Disinfection of all skin types before PhiBrows, PhiContour and PhiLings treatments. Eyes have to be closed during the disinfection and a few seconds after it. 2. De-greasing of oily skin type before PhiBrows, PhiContour and PhiLings treatments. Before the exfoliation and cleaning the face

25000 Members of the PMU & Microblading World Community

Dear members of the PMU & Microblading World Community, Our forum has exceeded the number of 25000 members today. I want to thank each one of you individually for promoting our art. I believe this is one of the most useful things in our business - so many good works, useful pieces of advice and

Practice – the most important thing

Do not wait for a live model to practice microblading. Each latex practice will improve your work on clients. I like to compare this to sports. Treatment is a sports game and everything in between is practice. A large number of artists completely abandon practicing after obtaining the certificate and that is why most of

Psychological effect of PMU & Microblading procedures

Hello Guys, it’s been a few days and it’s about the time for a new post. My previous post’s and subsequent discussions were related to the physical health issues, analyzing the aftermath of your work we came across the idea to focus our attention to a psychological aspect of the appearance changing treatments…. There is

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